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Our Services

Overall Features

  • HTML5 technology
  • Cloud Based Platform
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Head mounted device compatible
  • Eyeball sensitive, gyroscopic and motion sensitive
  • AI based marketing and tracking

General Marketing ROI Features

  • Geotargeting by Language and Content Appropriateness (Country and Language strategy)
  • New Content pieces that can be created through the year using polling data, 5 star presentations, encore events
  • Engagement scoring and analysis by each content asset
  • Website Traffic Tools and Metrics (valuable data on time spent on every activity on the site to build personalized customer profiles)
  • Building points for customers that can be utilized as loyalty programs based on interaction on the site App Creation Capabilities
  • Thought leader and Expert Panel Marketing
  • Actual Data to Build pipeline conversion to Revenues

Pre-Event Features

  • Dashboard of attendees
  • 1-1 meetings
  • Welcome meetings
  • Weekly updates
  • Raffle prizes and games
  • Metrics and tracking
  • Calendar and registration
  • Welcome bag and goody bags for clients
  • Digital brochures, vouchers, accessories
  • Early access pass for select clients
  • Map of floor and exhibition calendar
  • Feedback surveys with Q&A

Outside The Show Features

  • Video walls
  • Flags/kiosks
  • Online gaming vouchers
  • Lamp post kiosks
  • Analytics of viewership and mouse movement
  • Rotating dashboard of attendees visited based on livecounts.

Concourse Features

  • Video walls
  • Food trucks with vouchers and discounts
  • Attendees Hall of Fame
  • Hotspots and maps to different rooms (Conferencerooms, Coffee Lounges, Media Room, Exhibition Hall,Entertainment Room)

Exhibition Hall Features

  • Map and floor plan for easy access
  • Spots and Pins for every stand
  • Social sharing options and photo booths
  • Calendar and notifications of product launches
  • Brochure downloads by exhibitors
  • Digital Certificate

Company Stand Features

  • Arial view of second floor
  • Exclusive meeting rooms for confidential meetings,
  • Daily Calendar of Events
  • 360 degree product displays
  • Chatbots, feedback surveys
  • Slide shows, video presentations, PDF presentations, gallery of brochures,
  • Closed door webinars for key customers, productlaunches, focus groups, surveys, product testing andmore
  • Instant notification to company exhibitor that there is a visitor at the stand

Conference Features

  • Calendar of events
  • Signs up analytics
  • Instant chat and Q&As
  • Instant polling
  • Sponsor Wall for each conference event
  • Video/white-boarding/PPT presentations
  • Live/recorded panels and roundtables
  • Studio set up with live camera webcasts
  • Raffles and games for increased engagement

Networking And Entertainment


Administrator that creates user networking groups to connect attendees and exhibitors

  • Networking room lists
  • 1 on 1 Meeting Reservations
  • Virtual business card swap


Live virtual shows with artists and speakers on video

  • Attendee participation prizes and competitions
  • Food delivery services
  • Happy hour experiences