A personalized 3-D virtual exhibition that provides real time event experiences for industry wide clients that can be used as a stand alone model or as a hybrid model along side a real life show that can be used to attract audiences from other countries that cannot attend.
 26 december 2020
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    We have a single mission: Build engagement and drive long term relationships with customers and communities across the world using a real life 3D platform in a secure private meaningful way. Our goal is to give customers what they want and technology is just a tool for doing that. Our leadership team brings 25 years of experience in the visual experience world coupled with a deep understanding of how mega trends are shaping the future of the world, and creating new opportunities for disruption and engagement. Meet ExhibitV's Founding Members.

    Reenita Das

    Board Advisor, Silicon Valley California

    Reenita Das comes with 25 years of experience in one of the largest consulting companies. She prides herself as a futurist and strategist, passionate about changing business models and customer interaction.

    She recently got voted the top 100 women in Femtech and Healthtech. She has lived and worked in over 10 countries in the world, focusing on healthcare issues and working with public and private sector to implement growth change strategies.

    She was the first woman Partner at Frost & Sullivan as well as a Founder of GLOW (Growth and Innovation of Women) program. She is also on the Board of a non profit "High Tech High Heels" Silicon Valley that focuses on increasing gender diversity for STEM.

    Susmit Dey

    Chief of Technology

    Susmit Dey, founder and CEO of visual Lab, a digital visual technology company that focuses on disrupting the way customers can experience, consume and interact with visual images.

    He believes that digital transformation is reimagining the world of atoms into a new world of pizars. It is time for us to move out of the old paradigm and rethink business strategies and covid 19 has put the nail on the coffin in terms of some of this.

    He has lived in dubai for more than 2 decades and was instrumental in bringing some new technologies to this region - for example 360 videos and timelapse. He introduced virtual tours about 8 years ago- today people are talking about it. He has worked with some of the leading brands and names Like Emaar, Nakheel, Lexus, Bell Boeing, Emirates, HSBC, etc. He is also an aerial photographer and aircraft pilot by interest.

    Today we are living in an experience economy and his mission is to build and take this virtual space to the next level in terms of experiences and engagement.



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    Features at a Glance

    Providing exhibition companies a unique 3D virtual space to host personalized event experiences and shows that truly come to life with organic human elements

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    Providing exhibition companies a unique 3D virtual space to host personalized event experiences and shows that truly come to life with organic human elements

    Overall Feature

    Overall Feature

    • HTML5 technology
    • Cloud Based Platform
    • Enterprise-grade security
    • Head mounted device compatible
    • Eyeball sensitive, gyroscopic and motion sensitive
    • AI based marketing and tracking

    General Marketing ROI Features

    • Geotargeting by Language and Content Appropriateness (Country and Language strategy)
    • New Content pieces that can be created through the year using polling data, 5 star presentations, encore events
    • Engagement scoring and analysis by each content asset
    • Website Traffic Tools and Metrics (valuable data on time spent on every activity on the site to build personalized customer profiles)
    • Building points for customers that can be utilized as loyalty programs based on interaction on the site App Creation Capabilities
    • Thought leader and Expert Panel Marketing
    • Actual Data to Build pipeline conversion to Revenues

    Pre-Event Features

    • Dashboard of attendees
    • 1-1 meetings
    • Welcome meetings
    • Weekly updates
    • Raffle prizes and games
    • Metrics and tracking
    • Calendar and registration
    • Welcome bag and goody bags for clients
    • Digital brochures, vouchers, accessories
    • Early access pass for select clients
    • Map of floor and exhibition calendar
    • Feedback surveys with Q&A
    Outside the Show Features

    Outside the Show Features

    • Video walls
    • Flags/kiosks
    • Online gaming vouchers
    • Lamp post kiosks
    • Analytics of viewership and mouse movement
    • Rotating dashboard of attendees visited based on live counts.
    Concourse Features

    Concourse Features

    • Video walls
    • Food trucks with vouchers and discounts
    • Attendees Hall of Fame
    • Hotspots and maps to different rooms (Conference rooms, Coffee Lounges, Media Room, Exhibition Hall, Entertainment Room)
    Exhibition Hall Features

    Exhibition Hall Features

    • Map and floor plan for easy access
    • Spots and Pins for every stand
    • Social sharing options and photo booths
    • Calendar and notifications of product launches
    • Brochure downloads by exhibitors
    • Digital Certificate
    Company Stand Features

    Company Stand Features

    • Arial view of second floor
    • Exclusive meeting rooms for confidential meetings,
    • Daily Calendar of Events
    • 360 degree product displays
    • Chatbots, feedback surveys
    • Slide shows, video presentations, PDF presentations, gallery of brochures,
    • Closed door webinars for key customers, product launches, focus groups, surveys, product testing and more
    • Instant notification to company exhibitor that there is a visitor at the stand
    Conference Features

    Conference Features

    • Calendar of events
    • Signs up analytics
    • Instant chat and Q&As
    • Instant polling
    • Sponsor Wall for each conference event
    • Video/white-boarding/PPT presentations
    • Live/recorded panels and roundtables
    • Studio set up with live camera webcasts
    • Raffles and games for increased engagement
    Company Stand Features

    Networking and Entertainment


    Administrator that creates user networking groups to connect attendees and exhibitors

    • Networking room lists
    • 1 on 1 Meeting Reservations
    • Virtual business card swap


    Live virtual shows with artists and speakers on video

    • Attendee participation prizes and competitions
    • Food delivery services
    • Happy hour experiences
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    P.O.Box: 127186, Dubai, UAE