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Why the Art World should embrace Virtual Tours

Why the Art World should embrace Virtual Tours

The art world has been suffering to bring buyers and sellers together due to the pandemic. Museum ticket sales are non exsistent today. Virtual tours can be a way forward to encourage activity, viewing, generate sales leads and continue to build the brand. Here are some other advantages:

No queues

As it’s Virtual, you’ll never have to stand in long queues, no entry tickets nor security checks or closed for maintenance. Within just a few clicks every bit and piece is visible on your device screens.

Get up and close

In real time exhibitions it is almost impossible to have a real close look of sculptures and masterpieces.

Communicate with the artist

The chances of meeting artists are pretty slim, how about having a conversation or explanation of the art in the artist’s own words?In ExhibitV 360-degree art demos (Art Demo 1, Art Demo 2) you will find clips of the artist presenting his work. So, within few clicks not only visitors can see the painting but also can have an explanation about it.

Nobody to block your view

The most visited painting on our planet is Mona Lisa. So, whatever your thoughts on the artwork, there are two things for sure. 1) You wanted to go and see it 2) You definitely anticipate not seeing it from the best angle once you are at the gallery because of a lot of others also trying to get a good look

All right, not every painting is popular as Mona Lisa, however, with our 360-degree virtual tour, you do not have to worry about the best view. All the artworks are right there in front of you. You will always have the best view.

With 360-degree Virtual Tours of Art Galleries, you can visit any one of them on the other side of the planet free of charge and right away as well. No boarding passes, taxi excursions, hotel expenses or entry fees to see an exhibition in London or Paris – So no reasons not to ‘go’.

Using ExhibitV platform you will be able to understand and leverage all of ExhibitV myriad whistles and bells to the benefit of your exhibition, art galleries and property views, also it will provide a really unique online experience.

Salman Aziz

Web Developer/ Senior HTML Developer/ Graphic Designer, with 7 years of experience in handling all types of web design conversions with professional expertise. Developed a Prototype of an event experience platform, UX design for government services websites

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