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Customize the entrance

Customize the entrance

We can customise the exterior and use your corporate colours. Set up flags and logos of partners, run videos of the event and associate events.

This exterior rendering is included whether you are creating one stand or many. ExhibitV provides event organizers with a platform that provides the full experience of an event including 360-degree views compatible with all types of head-mounted devices, personalised stands with branding, product information, demo tools and an AI chatbot to manage and interact with visitors.

Check out the demo on Check out the demo on

Susmit Dey

With over 30 years of experience spanning 5 countries in the world, Susmit brings a refreshing outlook to the world of visual technology. A photographer and pilot by schooling and trade, he has embarked on a journey today using cutting edge technology and pushing the boundaries of visual story telling and interaction

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About ExhibitV

In ExhibitV , we have a single mission: Build engagement and drive long term relationships with customers and communities across the world using a real life 3D platform in a secure private meaningful way. Our goal is to give customers what they want and technology is just a tool for doing that.